Check out the 2013 C&W Reviews!

I was part of the organizing and editing team for the 2013 Computers & Writing Reviews, and I’d like to highlight some of them here.  I also welcome any feedback on my review or others!

I composed a review of Katie King’s keynote address, “Living in Enough Worlds at the Same Time: Speculative Feminisms and Boundary Objects.”  Writing the review was challenging and fun for me, as I had little background knowledge before the talk on feminist transdisciplinary post-humanities theory or research.  However, I was excited to weave my own conference and writing experiences with quotations from King into an assemblage that, I hope, demonstrates and enacts some of her arguments.

My E&E colleagues Liz Homan and Merideth Garcia also wrote reviews, and I’d like to highlight their work here as well.  Liz’s review connected Gee’s talk on making with her research on teachers and how they learn.  Merideth’s review summarized Stolley’s arguments while intermixing live tweets from the conference and highlighting the importance of rethinking code as a writing skill, even if it’s not one that everyone in the field is an expert in.

And there are many other awesome reviews to look through, too – even some with visuals and video!  So check them out!