Strides and Figures

I wrote A LOT today and made large strides!  Rejoice!  Now on to Liz’s party to celebrate my good friends’ birthdays!  But first, a recap of today’s work.

I worked on my conceptual framework all morning.  Originally I was trying to work my “assessment model” figure into the draft somehow, but it just wasn’t working and was becoming too complicated.  So I made a new figure, which I’m calling the framework for the instructional unit.  I don’t know why I keep wanting to make all these figures.  I guess it’s because there are a lot of ideas and concepts swirling around in my brain, and I want to keep them all straight, for myself and my readers.  And I love arrows, which probably isn’t a good thing.  I HATE making figures in Word, though.  So hard to manipulate.  Pen and paper trumps word processing still for figure design.  I did learn how to use Adobe Illustrator a few weeks ago, which is better (and harder), but I don’t have it on my laptop at home.  Anyway, here a photo of the figure.

In the afternoon, I started planning the instructional unit I want to implement in my study, drawing heavily from my own lesson plans I use when I teach video composition in Professional Writing.  This was fun at the start, but got a bit tedious as I had to articulate objectives for each lesson and how it fit within the framework.  It’s interesting that because I’ve been teaching so long, I can design effective lessons without sitting down and articulating in words why I’m doing everything I’m doing and asking students to do.  However, when designing something others have to implement, you have to be extremely detailed.

Ok – enough for now.  Tomorrow I return and try to flesh out the Methods section.  Dear Lord.