I love words – I always have, but studying and writing about the role of new media in the composition classroom has introduced me to the exciting world of video composition.  Video is so awesome, if you ask me, because of the ways authors can use it to combine and layer multiple modes of expression.  And while other media also allow for multimodal communication, none so highlight the vast array of options a 21st-century composer has at his or her disposal than video does.  So yes, I write.  In fact, I write a lot.  But I also compose videos.  Here, I provide links to my favorites.  If you like what you see, you can see more of my vids on my youtube channel.

“Building Awareness of Composition through Video–Case 1: Lauren”
I first shared this video as part of my presentation at the Computers and Writing conference in 2013, and it explores what Lauren learned in her FYC class through video composing.  Lauren is one of the student participants in my dissertation research study.

“Writing with Sound: The Rhetoric of Music”
This video, published as part of my article “A New Composition, A 21st-century Pedagogy, and the Rhetoric of Music”, illustrates how students in composition courses are now writing with sounds and music.  In the video, Kaitlyn Patterson, a student in my first-year writing class in fall of 2009, describes how she used music strategically in her own video, and I add my interpretive analysis of her work.

“Sarah Palin ‘Refudiate’: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”

This is a remix critiquing the media frenzy generated by what has been called Sarah Palin’s “refudiate-gate” of summer 2010.  In the video, I use juxtaposition of images, repetition of phrases, and timing to illustrate how reactions to such linguistic errors are often ridiculous in themselves.

“Composing my FYE – A Vlogging Journal”

I made this video after the summer of 2010 after finishing my First Year Exam (FYE) for the Joint Program in English and Education at U of M.  It’s a compilation of vlogging entries I made throughout the summer as I wrote my paper, and it documents my composing process, successes, and failures along the way.

“Computers and Language”

I composed this video for a class presentation in the course “History of the English Language” taught by Professor Anne Curzan.  It was one of the first “remix” videos I made, where I used music and images that I didn’t originally create myself.

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