Multimodal Training

Oakland University Writing Center
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Discussion of the Reading:
Drawing on “Toward a Rhetorically-Sensitive Assessment Model for New Media Composition,” jot down an answer to the following questions:
1.  What is new media / multimodal composition? Why does a writing tutor need to know?
2.  What is useful from the assessment theory reviewed in VanKooten’s chapter (in “The Landscape” and “Building the Model” sections) for thinking about writing center appointments?
3.  How might you use VanKooten’s assessment model (or elements of it) in a writing center appointment?

Discussion of “Karnik Pet Lodge”
1. Describe your “reading” of the video: what’s the video’s purpose? What do you see and hear? What’s working, and how do you know?  What’s not working so well?
2. Join forces with a partner, and write down 5 questions you might ask this author in a writing center appt.

Role Play with The Society of LSA Scholars website:
1.  With a partner, role play a writing center appointment using this text, with one person playing the author and the other the tutor.
2.  Debriefing: what was challenging about tutoring this student?  What worked well?