Game On! Grizzlies, or, bragging on WRT 330 students

I have to take just a few minutes to brag on the students in WRT 330 Digital Culture.  Yesterday, they hosted a community event for Oakland University students called “Game On! Grizzlies” which also served as a benefit for Beaumont Children’s Hospital.  The event was in fulfillment of the Digital Activism Project for our course, which asked them to design a community-based event, launch a social media campaign, and compose accompanying printed and digital texts.

“Game On! Grizzlies” was a unique challenge for us because students in the course are commuter students who drive to campus daily and haven’t been heavily involved with campus events.  Designing, marketing, and writing for an on-campus event like “Game On! Grizzlies” was a new experience, and the class really came together as a community (both in-person and digitally) to make the event a success.  We played games, tweeted, ate pizza, got to know each other better, posted to Facebook, met new people, and raised money for Beaumont.

Read more about the event on The Beaumont Blog: “Oakland University Students Gaming to Benefit Beaumont Children’s Hospital” and in The Oakland Press: “Oakland University Students Host Game Day to Relieve Stress.”  


Methodologies for Research in Digital Rhetoric – IDRS Presentation, April 2015

I’ll be presenting at the Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium on Friday, April 10, 2015.  My presentation is entitled “Methodologies for Research in Digital Rhetoric: A Survey of an Emerging Field,” and I’ve attached presentational materials below.  There is a script of my talk, PowerPoint slides, and a short annotated bibliography of sources related to digital methodology.

VanKooten – Methodologies for Research in Digital Rhetoric
Annotated Bibliography of Sources – IDRS
VanKooten – Methodologies for Research in Digital Rhetoric – Powerpoint slides