Media…what is it?

Media, by TartanPodcast

Media, by TartanPodcast

My assignment in my Computers and Writing class today was to write about the definition(s) of the word media.  The mini-collage below represents an attempt to do so:

Me:  The word media is all over my writing, rolls off my tongue, but used in diverse ways.  “Compose in different media,” “new media composition,” – even as a singular – “what media did you choose and why?”  I use it (mostly, I think) to refer to the object that mediates information from one user to the next – the computer, the camera, the television, the paper.  

The Center of All Media by Tim Dorr

“The Center of All Media” by Tim Dorr, CC BY SA


Lisa Gitelman: “both technological forms and their associated protocols,” both materials and the social context of production and consumption. 

WordPress: ADD MEDIA (with symbol of a camera and a musical note)

Henry Jenkins: media as cultural systems distinct from technologies that function solely as delivery systems.

Me:  really?  Media as distinct from technologies?  Perhaps I buy this in theory.

The Media by Indiana Public Media

“The Media” by Indiana Public Media

“The media” (using media)