C&W Reviews – check them out!

I’m very proud to have worked as one of the co-editors for the 2012 C&W Reviews, which are now published on the Sweetland DRC website.  Please visit the site, read the reviews, and offer your comments!  The authors and the panelists all worked very hard (and very quickly)!  There is also a fascinating blog carnival going on the site in which several scholars in the field are working toward (or away from?!) defining digital rhetoric.

I composed two individual session C&W reviews myself:

Session D: Why Yes, We Are Digital Humanists!
Session I: Hacking the Classroom, A Roundtable of Lightning Talks

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.  I used images in both reviews, trying to stretch my own composing processes to be more multimodal since the online publication format gave authors some freedom and we weren’t restricted just to written paragraphs.

Finally, colleague Justine Neiderhiser wrote a review of C&W session G in which I presented my in-process work on the assessment of new media writing in the classroom.

Session G: Assessing Digital Writing

Enjoy!  And cheers!


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